Agrawal uses LME A Grade Copper Cathodes for Casting ETP, DHP, and OFXLP Copper Slabs on a Direct Chill Vertical Semi-Continuous Casting Line. Each Melt / Charge is chemically tested in our state-of-the-art Test House on an Optical Emission Spectrometer to ensure impurity level in ppm levels.

These Slabs are further hot rolled to a desired thickness of 16mm to 20mm and Surface Milling is carried to remove all the oxides and foreign inclusions and get a virgin metal surface for further Cold Rolling.

Transformer Strips

Agrawal’s line of copper strips also includes strips that have smooth and polished surfaces with deburred edges for transformer windings. The precision deburring is done on a highly sophisticated line which makes these strips ideal for electric windings in large transformers.

The transformer strips are made of ETP copper with tolerances within the limits imposed by the EN 1652 standard.

Cable Strips for RF Cable Inner and Outer Conductors

Agrawal also produces special copper and copper-alloy strips used for the production of precision cables for telecommunications: coaxial cables, HF for high-frequency data transmission, and submarine communication cables.

For specific welding requirements, Agrawal can supply cable strips with the following features:

  • completely constant thickness
  • smooth and oil-free surface
  • high dimensional stability
  • high electrical conductivity
In addition, Agrawal supplies special strips such as perforated strips which are used in radiating cables. For more information on the production and size range visit the specific sections of this site regarding