Die Casting Brass Ingots

Die Casting Brass Ingots

Agrawal uses LME A Grade Copper Cathodes for Casting ETP, DHP, and OFXLP Copper Slabs on a Direct Chill Vertical Semi-Continuous Casting Line. Each Melt / Charge is chemically tested in our state-of-the-art Test House on an Optical Emission Spectrometer to ensure impurity level in ppm levels.

Due to the demand of high purity Brass Ingots, AMW developed Brass Ingots by casting them innovatively on a Continuous Casting line with channel type Melting / Holding Furnace to ensure uniform Zinc content which normally cannot be achieved on Oil Fired Batch type Melting Furnaces due to longer time to cast the entire molten Metal.

Brass ingots manufactured on Continuous Casting is superior in the followings respect:
  • Homogeneous Mixing of all the Element in the Brass Alloy & consistent chemical composition.
  • Fine Grain on the cast Ingots / Plate.
  • Excellent Surface Finish Free from inclusions like Dross or Ash.
  • Consistent Rectangular Cross-Section and weight per Ingot/Plate.

Our Brass ingots with International Standards of ASTM No.C85710 (CC755S) are most suitable for Gravity, Low-Pressure, Pressure Die Casting, sand casting etc for manufacture of Sanitary and industrial taps, valves, fittings, handles, artistic and mechanical products .

We are proud to announce that our Brass ingots / Plate had received immediate excellent acceptance by M/s. Jaquar a leading Sanitary Fittings manufacturer.

Composition of Fine Grain Die Casting Brass Ingots

ASTM No. : CEN EN (CC755S)

59.5-60.5%1.00-1.20%0.60-0.70%0.07-0.10%0.05% Max0.003% Max0.05% MaxBalance

Physical Property of alloy

120253008-9 kg